Church Administration

Following are the positions for church administration as at February 1st, 2015:

There are 2 Wardens, who with the cleric are the corporate officers and 2 Deputy Wardens

Incumbent's Warden: John Kennedy

People's Warden: Roger Eastmond

Deputy Incumbent's Warden:  Vacant

Deputy People's Warden: Linda Witter


Sexton: Bill Heard

Treasurer:  John McIntyre

Screening:  John Kennedy

Incumbents Advisory Rep: Peter Danakas

People's Advisory Rep: Allen Rogers

Other Advisory Members are selected from the active ministries in the church.

Children and Youth: Jane McIlwain

Outreach: Vacant

Music: Trish Shalno

Ladies: Rose Cochrane

Hospitality: Joan Mills

Stewardship: Gail Sparks