All things come of thee O Lord. And of thine own have we given thee."

1 Chronicles 29: 14b

 Christian Stewardship -  What does it mean to you & me?

Each Sunday during our services, we say or sing “All things come of Thee, O Lord, and of Thine Own have we given Thee”. This sentence is a constant reminder that everything we have, including life itself, is a gift from God. As followers of Christ, we are responsible to nurture and care for those gifts and to share them with other.

 Christian Stewardship – a definition: Stewardship is a complete lifestyle, a life of accountability, acknowledging God as Creator and Owner of all. Disciples of Christ are caretakers of God’s gifts. Gratitude for those gifts should be shown in prayer, worship, action and offering to share those gifts because of our love of God and other.

 Promoting Christian Stewardship is much more than fund-raising. It is my responsibility to challenge each of you to evaluate your contribution to the Treasure, Time and Talents required to support the growth of our Parish and to ensure that we can continue to do Christ’s work in our community. Are you giving in proportion to the gifts you have received? If each member of our church family gave of their time, talents and treasure at the same level as you do, would we be flourishing or floundering?


In closing, during a Diocesan workshop on Stewardship which I attended several years ago, a phrase was used which has stuck with me…We must give what is right, not what is left. If we are putting God first in our lives, our support of His Mission should be a priority and be planned for when we budget how we use our time, talents and treasure.













































































































Stewardship Contact: Gail Sparks at 905-723-2468