Cancellation of all Services and Gatherings until further notice

As of today, all gatherings at all Anglican churches in the Province of Ontario have been suspended. Every diocese from Huron to Ontario (Kingston) and Niagara to Algoma, including Toronto has been instructed to stop gathering until further notice. This means for the time being there will be no church on Sundays, no Bible Study on Wednesday, no choir practices, no meetings, dinners or coffee times until we are given the go ahead. At this time it appears that I will still be allowed to visit those wishing a visit on a one on one basis but that may not last long either. So if you wish Home Communion during this time, please call me. We will also look at ways to reach out to everyone during this time. We might even try podcasts or weekly prayer mailouts. Hopefully it won’t last more than a few weeks. We will be contacting everyone that doesn’t get email Saturday and letting them know as well.
Please be in prayer for each other and the needs of those around us during this time. Also, please remember that even though we are not having services, the finances needs of the church will continue. It is easy to forget that. It would be helpful if you would consider maintaining your weekly tithe during this hiatus and either hold onto it until we return or mail it into the church.
I have attached a copy of the most recent letter from Bishop Andrew for you to read. Please feel free to contact me or any of the warden’s if you have questions or concerns. I can be reached at (905) 743-0977 or (519) 671-5949 and will return calls as soon as possible.
Yours in Christ

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