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To all members of our Parish family,

The wait is almost over! The diocese has given churches the go ahead to open for services on September 13th as long as we follow strict guidelines. We thought we would reach out to the parish and explain what we at St. John’s will be doing to meet those requirements.

As we have to clean between each service, we will have to revise our service times. To begin with, we hope to continue with two services; one at 9am and one at 11am. A third service will be considered if we see a need for it. If there is insufficient need for two services, we may go to one service at 10am.

Masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer are a requirement. It would be great if you brought your own, but we will have extra at the church if you don’t have them.

There will be music at the later service but there will be no singing. Apparently singing is dangerous as the virus can move up to 12 feet if singing is done. The exception is a single soloist, masked and a minimum of 12 feet from anyone.

Communion will be in one kind only and you will remain seated as it is brought to you. Blessings will be administered without contact.

The offertory plates will not be passed, but will be made available either at the entrance or brought to you during the offertory.

There will be no social gatherings after the services. We are not allowed to share food or drinks.

We will continue to record the service for the internet. The camera will be aimed to avoid including the congregation at this time.

Finally, the number of people allowed in the church will be limited and seating will be spread out, maintaining a six-foot bubble. Our maximum capacity is only 34 people and that includes me, Brian, sides people and a reader. Seating wise, you can only sit with those you live with, so if you live alone, you sit alone. Seating will be done from front to back and when we are full, we are full. There will be someone to assign your seat when you arrive and attendance will be taken to allow notification if there is an issue. Instruction on getting to your seat will also be given as well as exiting at the end of the service.

To make this work and to plan services, we need your input and help. First, please prayerfully consider when you should return to church. It is fine to stay home, we will still be on the internet although for now, it will be later in the afternoon as we will need to edit and post the video. We hope to be live by November. Second. If you do plan on returning, consider helping us out. We will need 2 sides people at each service and they will be responsible for either cleaning between services or counting after. If you were attending services before COVID lockdown, someone will be calling you before the 13th to see if you are returning and if you are willing to help out.

We understand that there are a lot of rules and conditions for the return. They are there to keep us all safe. We also understand that there will be some trepidation about returning. That’s OK. We want you to feel comfortable and safe. Take your time and don’t come back until you are ready.

If you have any questions feel free to call me or one of the Wardens.


St. John’s Anglican Church

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