Sunday Service – November 22

Hi Everyone
Today we celebrate the last Sunday of the church year, the Reign of Christ. I hope you’ve had a safe week and have stocked up on the necessities as we head to Red tomorrow. Remember, as restrictions increase, we are still here to help where we can. We are still permitted to have services until we hit lockdown, so we will continue with the restrictions we have now.

Today’ service can be found here:
The readings, music and announcements are attached.
Have a great week and look out for the Christmas Newsletter coming soon. It will give details about what we are going to do during Advent and Christmas. We understand how important Christmas is to so many of us so we want to reach as many as possible over Christmas.

Op:  #378 Crown Him with Many Crowns – v. 2, 4, + 5
Grad:  #592 Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life – v. 1 + 3 before, 4 + 6 after
Off:  #620 How Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds v. 1 – 4
Com:  #520 The King of Love; #85 Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless
Closing: “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory” v. 2 + 3

St. John’s Anglican Church

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