Christmas Eve Service 2020

Merry Christmas!
Hi everyone.

You can find our Christmas Eve Service on Youtube here:
The Announcements, readings and music are attached.

We wish everyone of you that could not make it to church tonight a safe and wonderful Christmas and hope to be able to visit you all soon.
Just a reminder that we are unable to offer in person services for the next four weeks so our Sunday service will again be available early Sunday morning. If you have any needs in this time, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Again, Merry Christmas!

St. John’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service – Dec. 20

Hi everyone.
Hope you have all been keeping well. Todays service can be found here:
The Announcements, music and readings are attached.
Please remember that if you wish to come Christmas Eve, we request that you contact us to reserve in case we get more than our maximum at any service. Also, should we go into lockdown again prior to Christmas, attendance at services will again cease and the service will be posted by 7pm Christmas Eve and every Sunday Service by 9am each week.

Op:  #89 O Come – Emmanuel – v. 1, 3 – 6
Can:  “He Came Down That We May Have Love”
Grad:  #269 Heavenly Message – v. 1 & 2
Grad 2: Luke 1:  46b – 55 – sung as Magnificat to Anglican chant
Off:  #96 Creator of the Stars of Night – v. 1, 3 – 5
Com:  #48 Let All Mortal Flesh; #653 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
Clsg:  “Sing of Mary” – v. 1, 3, + 4

St. John’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service – Dec. 13

Hi everyone.
Hope you’ve had a great week.
Today’s service is available here:
The music, readings and announcements are attached below.
Only 12 days to Christmas, not the 12 Days of Christmas, that comes afterwards.

Have a great week and stay safe!

  Op:  #108 Hark!  A Herald Voice is Sounding
  Can:  #368 He Came Down That We May Have Joy
  Grad:  #102 Prepare the Way, O Zion – v. 1 before, v. 2 after
  Off:  #270 Lamb of God
  Com:  #514 Jesus, Joy of Our Desiring; #60 I Come with Joy
  Clsg:  #98 Hark!  The Glad Sound

St. John’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service – Dec 6

Hi everyone.
Hope you’ve had a safe and fun week.
There was a small issue with today’s service so sorry for the delay.
It can be found here:
The readings, hymns and announcements are attached.
Have a great week!
  Op:  #111 Herald!  Sound the Note of Judgement

  Can:  #368 He Came Down, That We May Have Joy

  Grad:  #106 There’s a Voice – v. 1 + 2 before, v. 3 + 1/4 after

  Off:  #100 Comfort, Comfort Ye My People

  Com:  Peace Perfect Peace; #92 O Day of God

  Clsg:  ##103 On Jordan’s Bank – v. 1 – 3, + 5

St. John’s Anglican Church