Sunday Service – Feb 28

Hi everyone
Today we began live services again so it takes more than an hour to get the recorded version put together and online, The aim is to have it up between two and four each Sunday. We are looking at alternative methods for live streaming but that will take a little investment in equipment including a better camera and a good microphone.

The service is now available on youtube here:
Announcements and readings are attached.

Please remember next week is Vestry. If you think you are going to have issues connecting contact Wil in advance to give it a try.

The following is a note from Klaus Effenberger. It was read by Monica at his funeral and is to the members of the church. It’s unfortunate that COVID made it impossible to attend for many who would have liked to come. I know your thoughts and prayers are with Monica and Dorothy. Anyway, without further adieu…

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank everybody here who has to listen to a long two-hour speech unfortunately I don’t know if I have enough air to have a two-hour speech. I would like to thank everyone here in church, the congregation who had taken in my late son Keith, myself and Monica who has the fortune to read this two-hour speech. I personally feel very much at home here. Unfortunately, I missed a few Sundays and want to thank everyone who has taken us into your church family. This church is my second home. I wish that I had been a little bit younger and a little bit more helpful to the church.

Worship your god and serve only him. – Matthew 4.10
Have a great week and see you at Vestry!

St. John’s Anglican Church 

Sunday Service – Feb 21

Hi everyone
I come bearing good news! The diocese has given us permission to again have live services. This means we will begin allowing 30 people in the church for each Sunday service starting February 28th. Again our service times will be 9am and 11am to allow for cleaning of the church between services. Masks are required and social distancing will be maintained. Of course the 11am service will be recorded and posted to Youtube as soon as possible. We are still hoping to eventually be able to broadcast live at 11, but not yet.

This weeks service is available on Youtube here:
As usual the readings and announcements are attached.

Quick reminder that vestry is in two weeks. If you haven’t seen the package, let us know.

Have a great week in the snow. Stay safe and see you next week..either in person or on the net!

St. John’s Anglican Church 

Ash Wednesday Service

Hi everyone.
I’ve always wondered if Ash Wednesday is attended less than your average Sunday is because people are busy in the week or for some other reason. Well, if you haven’t been to an Ash Wednesday Service in a while, here’s your chance.
The service can be found here:
The readings and weekly prayer list are attached. The service is also attached for those who wish to follow along.

Stay safe and see you Sunday.

St. John’s Anglican Church 

Sunday Service – Feb 14

Hi everyone
I hope you’ve had a good week. I’m glad we will again be allowed to leave our homes even if it is with caution. Hopefully the diocese will soon give us the go ahead to have live services again.
Today’s service is available here:
The announcements and readings are attached.
Two notes of importance.
1) Watch your email for the Vestry Report. You should receive it Monday. If you do not receive it please let us know. It gives instructions for attending the Vestry Meeting on March 7th as well as containing all the usual reports.
2) Wednesday is Ash Wednesday so there will be a service available Wednesday morning. I will send it out in an email as well.
Hope you have a great week in the snow.

God Bless!

Sunday Service – Feb 7

Hi everyone
Hope you’ve had a great week.
Today’s service can be found here after 6am Sunday:
The readings and announcements are attached as usual.
There is also a longer sermon if you’re interested. It can be found here.

Have a safe and warm week. Hope to see you all soon!

St. John’s Anglican Church 

Sunday Service – Jan 31

Hello everyone!
Hope you’ve kept warm and safe this past week.
Today’s service can be found here:
The Readings and announcements are attached below and the words for the hymns are in the video.
Let’s hope February is a great month for everyone. Don’t forget Ash Wednesday is in two weeks.The diocese has advised us that there will be no public imposition of ashes but we’re working on some ideas. Stay tuned!
Have a great week and see you next Sunday. Don’t forget we’re here to help if you need us for anything, so don’t be a stranger.
God Bless.

St. John’s Anglican Church