Sunday Service – Feb 21

Hi everyone
I come bearing good news! The diocese has given us permission to again have live services. This means we will begin allowing 30 people in the church for each Sunday service starting February 28th. Again our service times will be 9am and 11am to allow for cleaning of the church between services. Masks are required and social distancing will be maintained. Of course the 11am service will be recorded and posted to Youtube as soon as possible. We are still hoping to eventually be able to broadcast live at 11, but not yet.

This weeks service is available on Youtube here:
As usual the readings and announcements are attached.

Quick reminder that vestry is in two weeks. If you haven’t seen the package, let us know.

Have a great week in the snow. Stay safe and see you next week..either in person or on the net!

St. John’s Anglican Church 

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