Sunday Service – March 28

Hi everyone
Well today we had a problem. Wil’s son Kyle was exposed to Covid; in fact 4 kids in his class have Covid, so he had to be tested. Unfortunately, they still have not received the results back on the test (4 days and counting) so Wil and the Warden’s decided it best for him to stay home today. That meant that communion wasn’t an option, but we did have ante-communion (everything but the Eucharist itself). Wil connected to the church with Zoom and we recorded the call. There are times that the audio from the church is a little shaky but Wil is clear. Hopefully you can hear most of what’s going on.

Let’s hope everything is back to normal by Thursday.
The service can be found here:
The readings and announcements are attached.
Come join us again on Thursday as we celebrate the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday for the Crucifixion.

St. John’s Anglican Church 

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