Sunday Service – Oct 17th

Hope everyone has had a good week. Happy Harvest Thanksgiving to all. We are blessed to have the Rev. Joanne Warman leading us in worship today. Our service today is referred to as Ante Communion, following the format of the Communion Service ending prior to the Eucharist.

You will notice some major changes in our service today. The Diocese has amended COVID protocols to allow fully vaccinated choristers to sing as long as they are masked,  2 meters from each other & 4 meters from any members of the congregation. In addition, preachers, readers & intercessors may remove their masks while speaking, as long as they maintain a distance of 4 meters from others. There are a few news items in the “Announcements” so please take a moment to read them. The readings, music & announcements are attached. Remember to use the Zoom link sent out two weeks ago…please reply to this email before 8:00 am Sunday if you don’t have it & it will be sent to you again.

Take care.

St. John’s Anglican Church

The Service can be found here:

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