Eater Weekend Notification 2021

Hello again,
Today the Ontario government announced that we are going back into Grey status Saturday. The good news is that they also changed the rules for churches and other places of worship. Unlike previous Grey lockdowns, the diocese is allowing us to have services at the new provincial levels. For us that means that the next four Sundays, starting Easter, we have a max of 20 in the pews. Not that we’ve had more than that before, but if we do, we have to ask you to come back. So, with that in mind, Easter Sunday, we will be doing something a little different.
On Easter Sunday, there will still only be two scheduled services, one at 9am without hymns and one at 11am with hymns. It is first come first served. Once we hit 20 we have to shut the doors and ask you to return in two hours. If we happen to have more than 20 ppl show up for the 11pm service, we will then offer a second service with hymns at 1pm.  Please do not plan to make the 1pm your service of choice, it may not happen! It is only if there is an overflow at 11. You might easily show up to find an empty, locked church. Wil+ has no issue adding services every 2 hours after that (w/o music) until everyone gets Easter communion if there is an overflow at the service before.

Tonight and tomorrow have normal restrictions. The service tonight begins at 7:30 and should be posted on-line a little after nine. Friday’s service will be at 10am and will be posted around noon. Easter Day, the service will be posted as soon as possible. Hopefully one hour after the last service ends. People watching our services on-line count to our annual attendance, so make sure you tune in.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call either Wil+ or any of the Wardens.

St. John’s Anglican Church 

Stay Connected with St. John’s Anglican

Dear St. John’s Family and Friends,

During these uncertain times,  St. John’s Anglican Church, Port Whitby would like to stay connected with you in the following ways:

  • We are launching a new friendship circle for St. Johns which will put small groups of people together to share and collect information weekly (for the time being).  This ministry will connect to our Parish family and friends (including those without computers) by phone.

Please send an email to  if you are interested in joining one of our many small friendship groups to keep in touch.  Please direct your email to Jersie-Lyn Witter who will be spear-heading this effort.

Rev. Wil plans to update this media channel with Sunday Services and updates as they become available

  • Subscribe to one of our Email groups by sending an email to and let us know what group you would prefer so that we can promptly add you.

Here is a breakdown of the email subscriptions available:

What we send Christmas &

Easter Only

All Newsletters 

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All Emails

For Everything

Do Not Email.


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*Please note that these email groups only pertain to the frequency of your e-mail, and does not affect in any way your current membership to our Church or Friendship Circle.