Eternal Rest at St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery

Discover the serene beauty and historic significance of our cherished cemetery, a testament to our community’s heritage since 1846.

A Legacy of Faith and Community

St. John’s Anglican Church: Pillar of Port Whitby Since 1846

Historic Beauty in Repose

St. John’s Church Cemetery: A Visual Journey Through Time

A Glimpse Into History

St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery: A Legacy Preserved

Established in 1846, St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery in Whitby is not only the oldest in the region but also a sanctuary of peace and history. Over the centuries, it has become the final resting place for many of the area’s pioneering souls. The cemetery is known for its serene pathways lined with ancient oaks, offering a tranquil environment for reflection. Notable features include the original wrought-iron gates and the meticulously carved headstones, each telling a unique story of the local heritage. These inscriptions are available to view in the reference section of the main branch of the Whitby Public Library.

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St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Whitby, ON

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